Zain and Ericsson Complete the EVS Trials

Zain Bahrain and Ericsson have become the first operators in the kingdom to complete Enhanced Voice Services trials.

Zain Bahrain, in partnership with Ericsson, is the first operator in the Kingdom to complete Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) trials, that will enable the highest quality mobile phone calls ever on the latest smartphones.

The new service EVS will deliver a broader audio bandwidth, resulting in a richer and more true-to-life sound with noticeably reduced background noise. Customers will hear the difference with pristine sounding conversations that are significantly clearer and more natural sounding than standard mobile voice calls.

It gives us great pleasure to announce another first feature across the Kingdom. Zain Bahrain’s new Enhanced Voice Service (EVS) will deliver the highest mobile voice quality to customers, enabling them to enjoy the best sounding calls on their smartphones. As consumers demand more from their smart devices and from our networks, we are committed to ensure that that all our consumers benefit from the latest technology solutions.

Ali Isa Al Yaham, Chief Technology Officer, Zain Bahrain

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