MTN Conducts the PoC for 5G Standalone Core in Microsoft Azure

MTN has successfully conducted the Proof of Concept for the 5G standalone core which is going to be deployed in Microsoft Azure.

MTN has announced that they have successfully conducted a Proof of Concept for a 5G Standalone core which is deployed in Microsoft Azure.

Being one of the first in the world to conduct this proof of concept demonstrates MTN’s desire to keep pushing the boundaries of technological innovation that delivers value to our shareholders.

Amith Maharaj, Chief Technology Officer, MTN group

Microsoft is equipping industry leaders with ubiquitous computing power to help them realise the potential of 5G networks.

With Azure, MTN can enrich its digital capabilities and enable organisations across industries to bring modern high-performance applications to their customers faster.

Tad Brockway, Microsoft CVP Azure for Operators

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