Huawei to Launch WiFi 7 in East Africa

Huawei has announced the unveiling of its latest Wi-Fi 7 technology in East Africa.

Huawei has announced the unveiling of their latest Wi-Fi 7 technology which is all set to roll out in East Africa.

The Wi Fi 7 effectively doubles the number devices that can effectively work with high-speed internet access, ensuring that a home or an office can comfortably accommodate up to 120 smart television sets, computers and smartphones at any one time,” said Mashau adding that Huawei’s local channel partners will be responsible for last mile availability of the new solution to customers.

Facing such high requirements, the current Wi-Fi 6 standard is insufficient to improve the user experience in high-density scenarios. That is the reason we have launched Wi-Fi 7 to solve this challenge.

Matamela Mashau, Chief Technology Officer for Southern Africa, Huawei

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