stc Recognized as the 2023 Best Company in Sustainability in the Middle East

stc Group recently picked up the award for the best company in the field of sustainability in the Middle East for the year 2023.

stc Group has won the award for the best company in the field of sustainability in the Middle East for the year 2023, during the awards ceremony organized by SME Awards-Sustainability Middle East to highlight the most prominent companies that developed the concept of sustainability and achieved concrete achievements.

On behalf of the stc group, the award was received by the Group’s General Manager of Corporate Communication, Mr. Mishaal Al-Rubaian, during the ceremony that was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

stc Group has intensified its sustainability practices to achieve unprecedented achievements, including leading the sustainability program in the Middle East region. With climate change, stc worked on sustainable operations to reduce carbon emissions, and adopted innovative sustainability strategies through the transition to renewable energy sources, the use of environmentally friendly raw materials, and technologically advanced machines with low carbon emissions.

stc Group received the award for excellence thanks to its unique sustainability program that was implemented on the ground with many improvements to make the technology sector industry cleaner in the Middle East.

It should be noted that in February 2023, stc Group had signed a statement of commitment to environmental activities, in which it reduced the environmental impact of stc products, services and network operations by enabling digitization to maximize its positive impact on the environment. The group implemented a package of environmental obligations imposed by relevant laws and regulations, in addition to updating the environmental management system and its targets, publishing awareness programs in addition to reducing energy consumption and raising its efficiency, reducing emissions, and promoting the integration of low-carbon energy solutions. Moreover, stc has committed to reducing the environmental impact of its fleet through a combination of clean vehicles, fuel-efficient operating systems, waste reduction and biodiversity preservation. stc Group has also affirmed its commitment to spreading awareness of the importance of environmental protection and sustainability, as it continuously conducts annual internal and external verifications to ensure the accuracy and credibility of its environmental data.

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