MWC 2023: Whale Cloud on Driving Digital Transformation and Innovation in Africa and the Middle East

Whale Cloud’s focus on personalized and digital services is helping telecom operators in Africa and the Middle East increase revenue and achieve growth.

At MWC Barcelona 2023, TechAfrica News spoke with George Zhao, the CMO of Whale Cloud, a leading digital transformation and innovation company.

When asked about what they were showcasing at the event, George mentioned their latest solutions for telcos in Africa and the Middle East that go beyond connectivity, helping them increase their revenue and achieve growth. He also expressed excitement about the show and the chance to connect with industry players and stakeholders.

Many Telcos are trying to transform their business. In the first phase of digital transformation, they focus on using digital technology to enhance their internal efficiency, but we are thinking about digital transformation 2.0. These telcos can use digital technology to explore new digital revenues. That’s why we are trying to develop our digital solutions to bring new actual digital revenue to our telco clients.

George Zhao, Deputy CMO, Whale Cloud

Regarding Whale Cloud’s efforts to support the growth of telcos in Africa and the Middle East, George emphasized their focus on delivering personalized and digital services to consumers. He highlighted several successful partnerships with telecom operators and other regional companies.When asked about future plans, George shared that Whale Cloud sees significant opportunities in the African market, particularly in the areas of digital infrastructure, e-commerce, and smart cities. He also committed to working closely with local partners to drive regional digital transformation and innovation.

The interview provided valuable insights into Whale Cloud’s vision for Africa and the Middle East and their efforts to support telcos’ growth and digital transformation in the region.

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