Mobicel Partners with Appnext to Help the Engagement and Discovery of Apps

Appnext, independent discovery platform has announced that they have partnered with Mobicel in an effort to help various apps reach a wider audience.

Appnext, an Affle company, the leading independent discovery platform offering innovative solutions to engage with users directly on their smartphones, has announced its partnership with South African mobile phone manufacturer Mobicel. The coming together of Appnext and Mobicel is a game-changer for Mobicel’s customers, completely transforming and greatly enhancing the user experience from the moment they set up and customize their device for the first time and throughout their daily mobile journey.

It also further demonstrates Appnext’s commitment to the app landscape in Africa: Appnext has an office in Johannesburg to support its local customers, helping them reach and engage with high-intent users and deliver content suggestions that reflect their needs at relevant moments.

We have built countless incredible relationships with leading OEM brands and mobile operators, and we’re thrilled that Mobicel has joined those ranks of top-level OEMs that have integrated Appnext’s technology. We know that Mobicel’s customers will enjoy a much-enhanced experience of using their mobile phones with our industry-leading discovery solutions to provide them with highly personalized app recommendations. We look forward to working with Mobicel over the coming years with a shared goal of continually evolving the user experience.

Elad Natanson, Founder and CEO, Appnext

Founded in South Africa in 2007, Mobicel has grown to become one of South Africa’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers. The company’s focus is on developing smartphones that are affordable but also highly desirable due to their look, functionality and quality.

Mobicel’s aim is to provide the best possible smartphone experience to its customers, which is why the company wanted Appnext’s technology on every device. The partnership has also opened up new revenue stream options for Mobicel while strengthening its brand and increasing usage.

Our motto at Mobicel has always been ‘you deserve more’ and by partnering with Appnext we’re offering a whole lot more to our customers. Appnext’s sophisticated app discovery technology means our customers will receive recommendations for apps and services that really interest them, just at the right moment, making their experience of using their new mobile hugely satisfying. We like to say that when we put a mobile phone in a customer’s hand, we’re empowering them to have and do more, and with Appnext we can really achieve that goal.

Ridwhan Khan, Founder and Chief Executive, Mobicel

With Appnext’s technology pre-installed on Mobicel handsets, advertisers in South Africa can now place their app and services in front of high-value users from the moment they first unwrap and turn on a brand-new device and personalize it to their needs. From that point on, Appnext’s technology enables advertisers to engage with Mobicel users throughout their daily mobile journey continuously with personally tailored app recommendations that are based on their interests and preferences as well as delivered in the language of choice, on the mobile device.

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