stc Group Provides Tech and Medical Support to Earthquake Victims in Turkey and Syria

stc has announced a relief in terms of technology and medical assistance for the victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

stc Group has announced that they are providing the latest technologies and medical solutions to alleviate suffering following the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Humanitarian and relief efforts continue to help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, in an embodiment of the noble humanitarian role of the Queen and her wise leadership, as the efforts of the public and private sectors join forces to support those affected and maximize the impact of the continuous giving of the Kingdom’s humanitarian arm – King Salman Center for Humanitarian Aid and Relief, as the stc group contributes in turn, in cooperation with the Ministry The Ministry of Health and all national entities participating in the campaign support relief efforts by providing the latest technical services to enable medical efforts. The package of services provided by stc includes the virtual clinic service, where a number of modern telemedicine devices were sent to the affected areas to provide the necessary tools to read and transmit vital signs for patients. Electronically, and virtual diagnostic sessions, as specialized Saudi doctors conduct medical cases for those affected remotely through the virtual health hospital in Riyadh, and through the telemedicine platform.

It is worth noting that the telemedicine platform is built on a highly efficient, reliable, and secure cloud environment in stc data centers inside the Kingdom. The cloud nature of this service makes it an ideal option for achieving rapid response in relief and emergency cases, as is the case currently in Turkey and Syria. 
The stc team has linked telemedicine devices distributed in several regions to the unified platform through mobile satellite communication services (sat net). Wide geographical area.

All technical services provided by the group are managed through the solutions by stc team, as a number of trained technical engineers operate them remotely from the group’s support centers, and stc’s technical staff is present on site when needed for training and preparation tasks.
These efforts come as a digital enabler in the region and within its continuous work to support societies and humanitarian initiatives and achieve sustainability.

Statemement by stc

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