Ooredoo Releases a New Offering of Office Equipment for Omani SMEs

Ooredoo has announced a new offering of office equipment bundles to Small and Medium-Sized Entreprises and SOHOs.

Ooredoo is now offering office equipment bundles to give Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Small Office-Home Offices (SOHOs) all the essentials they need to digitalise further and thrive. The offer includes the bundling of a full spectrum of innovative telecommunications services, Information and Communications Technology software solutions, as well as hardware products, such as laptops, smart phones and screens.

Whether an SME is looking to grow further with ultrafast connections and fixed and mobile lines or a young start-up wants to supply its office with essential equipment, Ooredoo’s limited-time offer meets the requirements of businesses across all sectors in Oman.

Digitisation brings many benefits to businesses as it reduces their transaction costs, boosts market integration and innovation, and facilitates their access to resources. Hence, for these entities to thrive, leveraging a cost-effective one-stop solution to efficiently supply their offices means more time and money can be spent on their customers and business optimisation.

Saoud Al-Riyami, Director of Business Sales, Ooredoo

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