Vodafone Qatar and Ariane Real Estate to Develop Digitally-Centred Business Initiatives

Vodafone Qatar has announced that they have come in a partnership with Ariane Real Estate to help develop digitally-centred business initiatives

Vodafone Qatar has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ariane Real Estate to establish a collaborative partnership for knowledge exchange, consultancy and the development of innovative and digitally-centered business initiatives.

The MoU was signed by Mahday Saad Al Hebabi, Enterprise Business Unit Director at Vodafone Qatar, and Khalifa Al Majed CEO from Ariane Real Estate.

Under the agreement, Vodafone and Ariane Real Estate seek to collectively identify opportunities and combine expertise to introduce digital best practices to further enrich Qatar’s real estate sector. This project actively supports the aspirations of the Qatar National Vision for 2030, which has a focus on providing a high standard of living for the people of Qatar.

The partnership will see Vodafone share its expertise in technology and digital innovation to craft tailored business solutions for Ariane Real Estate, supporting the leading real estate developer on its mission to deliver world-class projects and services, such as innovatively-designed residences to advance sustainable living within communities.

The two parties will also join forces to pilot new concepts and explore additional areas of business, leveraging a range of innovative technological solutions that will be custom-built by the mobile operator, in line with the trends and evolving needs of the real estate and construction sectors.

Vodafone Qatar is delighted to be working in partnership with Ariane Real Estate in order to discover areas within the real estate industry that can benefit from novel digital solutions whilst powering their efforts to build spaces rooted in the values of sustainability, wellness and healthy living. This partnership is also a reflection of our ongoing commitment to support enterprises in Qatar to expand and develop their scope of services, achieve business prosperity, and accomplish their goals under QNV 2030, with the consistent support of a reliable and robust digital innovation and technology partner such as Vodafone Qatar.

Mahday Saad Al Hebabi, Enterprise Business Unit Director, Vodafone Qatar

Ariane Real Estate is a real estate development company that provides development management services and property management services to consumers, landlords and businesses across Qatar. Ariane Real Estate is committed to provide a variety of affordable and luxury properties through towers and cities which include apartments, townhouses and villas that are financially accessible to a large part of Qatar’s population while moving and expanding in line with Qatar vision 2030. Ariane’s commitment to provide sustainable and heathy living communities driven largely by technological advancement since the inception of the company 2013 is now more realized by the partnership with Vodafone Qatar.    

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