Ethio Telecom and Ministry of Revenues Come Together to Ease Tax Collection Using Telebirr

Ethio Telecom has announced that they have come together with the Ministry of Revenues to enable collection tax payments via Telebirr.

Advancing its journey towards realizing the digital Ethiopia, Ethio Telecom has signed a strategic partnership agreement with the Ministry of Revenues that would enable the customers of the Ministry of Revenues pay taxes using telebirr digital payment system.

The partnership agreement signed between the two institutions would assist the Ministry of Revenues to collect the income taxes, private pension fees and federal tax payments timely via telebirr App or USSD (*127#) and meeting the ever growing demands of its customers by creating an alternative and convenient service payment platform. Furthermore, Ethio Telecom has also set up a room for merchants who make transaction through telebirr to directly pay their taxes from the money collected from the transactions.

In addition to this, the telebirr digital payment platform would play paramount roles for customers/ tax payers of the Ministry of Revenues as it helps them to get clearance & receipt upon real time payment, allows them partial payment and transfer overdue payments and avoids penalty due to delay in updating the taxpayers’ information on Ministry of revenues’ server. Beyond its being an alternative payment platform, telebirr is integrated with 18 banks enabling customers to easily transfer money to their telebirr accounts and settle payments as well as its time saving, accuracy, the systems’ synchronization and availability of the service in five language options make telebirr ideal digital payment platform.

Our company in partnership with Dashen Bank has launched three types of financial services namely telebirr mela (micro credit) a service that allows individual customers, agents and merchants to borrow money for any transaction or withdrawal and telebirr Endekise (credit pay/overdraft service) a service that enables customers to borrow money when they are short of balance in their telebirr account while making transaction and telebirr Sanduq (Micro Saving service) a saving service which is available with interest free and interest rate based micro saving services with a theme of finance for all to ensure financial services inclusion and accessibility to our wider society. Following these financial services launch, customers have been actively using the services and tremendous success stories and achievements have been registered accordingly.

Statement by Ethio Telecom

So far, telebirr digital payment system has acquired 28.2 Million customers, 112 master agents, 98.8 thousand agents, 25.5 thousand merchants and 615 service centers. In addition, the platform has been integrated with 18 banks to transfer money from bank to telebirr and with 15 banks to transfer money from telebirr to bank and over 263 billion ETB has been transacted.

Furthermore, our company has already integrated a number of services with telebirr digital payment system in partnership with several service rendering organizations and institutions so as to ease their customers’ service related hustles being the best digital payment option.     

Likewise, our company is strongly committed to implement telebirr integrated service payments with other similar institutions and make all payments possible in one window service using telebirr digital payment system and strengthen our efforts to realizing the digital Ethiopia’s set vision.

Statement by Ethio Telecom

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