ICASA Concludes the Initial Evaluation for Community Sound Broadcasting Service Licenses​

ICASA has announced that they have concluded their initial evaluation of applicants to pre-register for community sound broadcasting service.

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has concluded its initial evaluation of applications to pre-register for Community Sound Broadcasting Service and Radio Frequency Spectrum licences for the provision of community sound broadcasting services.

The Authority received 105 applications in response to the Invitation to Pre-register (“ITP-R”), which was issued on December 15, 2021.

Of the 105 applications received, 56 have met the pre-qualification criteria and are admitted to Phase 1 of the ITP-R licensing process. Forty-nine applications, however, failed to meet the pre-qualification criteria and have therefore been disqualified from the ITP-R licensing process.

This is a significant milestone not only for the Authority but also the communities that will benefit from this. Community broadcasting reflects our diversity and it’s an essential communication platform that ensures access to information in communities as a means towards the creation of an informed citizenry while also serving the broadcasting requirements of a community.

Councillor Adv. Mkumatela of ICASA

The Authority has invited stakeholders and interested parties to submit written representations with respect to the 56 applications that have been admitted to Phase 1 of the ITP-R licensing process. Written representations must be submitted to the Authority within fourteen working days from the date of publication of the Notice, in accordance with the provisions set out in the Notice.

The representations are intended to, among other things, ascertain whether there are any objections to the applications in any particular district municipality. This will also assist ICASA to ensure that it licenses organisations that will effectively serve as tools for empowerment in their respective communities.

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