MTC Activates its 1000th Network Tower

Mobile Telecommunications Limited have announced that they have activated its 1000th Network Tower in Okadhiya, Okatyali Constituency of the Oshana Region.

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has disclosed that they have activated their 1000th network tower in Okadhiya.

As a result, we must make the presence of such factors a reality in remote areas in order to attract investors. This is an e-commerce era and leadership in telecommunications is absolutely necessary and an economic imperative.

I wish to reaffirm the government’s commitment to providing services to Namibians. I also want to thank MTC for their efforts in connecting our vast country, and thus bringing our people closer to eliminating information gaps between urban and rural, rich and poor, privileged and disadvantaged.

Peya Mushelenga, Minister of Information and Communication Technology

As MTC, we strongly believe that in order for us to ensure sheer inclusivity and equal economic participation from all citizens, the extension of our network’s footprint to all corners of the country is essential.

Licky Erastus, Managing Director, MTC

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