Maplewave Deploys its Point of Sale to 50 Safaricom Locations

Maplewave has announced that they have managed to successfully deploy its point of sale and reporting solutions to 50 Safaricom locations.

Maplewave has announced that they have successfully deployed its Point of Sale (desktop and mobile) and reporting solutions to 50 Safaricom locations, Kenya’s largest telecommunications provider.

Maplewave’s solutions have brought new capabilities to Safaricom. Now, M-PESA mobile money reversals can be processed for the first time, which gives customers a true end-to-end solution.  

Maplewave’s solutions have also resolved key pain points. Safaricom’s end-of-day procedures now take 30 minutes versus over an hour, and there are no longer any variances in the amount of cash collected.

With Safaricom’s previous provider, setting up a new store in their system took days; with Maplewave, store locations can be set up in minutes.  

Long queues are normal in Kenya, and it’s common to see lineups extend out of the store and around the block. Since implementing Maplewave’s solutions, transaction times have fallen, and queues have noticeably decreased.

Store staff have embraced Maplewave’s solutions, citing its ease of adoption. Two days post-implementation, many staff told us that they felt like they’d been using the system for years. The initial feedback has been extremely positive, especially around the ease of reconciliation.  

George Mungah Ruirie, Safaricom’s product manager for project, sees the benefits of working with a single integrated platform, saying “In the previous system, we had quite a number of systems to interact with. We had ERP, CRM, the POS itself, and the POS had another 4 systems within it. So, we are happy to work with one system”.  

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