Africa Data Centres to Build a Second Data Centre in Cape Town

Africa Data Centres have announced that they are going to be building a second data centre in Cape Town. It is going to have a IT load of 20MW.

Africa Data Centres, a business of Cassava Technologies, a pan-African technology group, announced it is building a second data centre in Cape Town. The new facility will be in the north of the city and will have an IT load of 20MW. Construction is underway, and the facility will be up and running by mid-2024.

Cape Town is a thriving city and the second largest economy in South Africa. It is regarded as the country’s IT and software hub, and we are seeing significant growth in the data centre market in the region. It is a preferred site for both global and local providers of cloud software and IT services, and our facility will add capacity to the area and redundancy too.

Tesh Durvasula, CEO, Africa Data Centres

The build is also part of Africa Data Centres’ wide-scale African expansion drive, which will see the company building several new facilities across the continent. Africa Data Centres is investing further into the African market and is targeting Cape Town as a place to put deployments to offer a choice of world-class facilities. This enables customers to put down multiple sites for redundancy or simply gives them an additional option in the market.

In terms of size, the data centre will be 12,000 square metres of white space or the space available for customers to lease, although the physical site will be much larger than that.

Similarly, although many competitors speak of the load in actual power, we prefer to think about this number from a customer’s perspective and always work on IT load.

Tesh Durvasula, CEO, Africa Data Centres

This second data centre facility in Cape Town increases the number of our data centres in South Africa to four and is part of our investment program to deliver an additional ten data centres in Africa. I would like to acknowledge the Western Cape Provincial Government and the Western Cape Department of Economic Development who have been extremely supportive as we expand our data centre facilities in Cape Town.

Hardy Pemhiwa, Group President & CEO, Cassava Technologies

The second Cape Town facility is being built to Africa Data Centres’ new standard modular design, which will be deployed across Africa in multiple markets and already in Johannesburg at the company’s flagship Midrand facility. The modular design pioneered by Africa Data Centres is leading-edge, and ensures rapid scalability and a standardised design that enables the data centre to be populated as and when required.

Cape Town is a prime location for data centres and within easy reach of all the submarine cable landing stations. In addition, the new data centre is positioned to provide geographic redundancy from the company’s other facility, which lies in the south of the city, offering customers the option of deploying in two locations.

The new build will have the same world-class security standards and will focus on the elements that matter, most to clients such as scalability, flexibility, and energy efficiency, to bring world-class, cost-effective solutions to all its customers in the region.

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