Vodafone Deploys State-of-the-Art 5G Capabilities at Muscat Airport

Vodafone Oman has announced that it has deployed state of the art 5G connectivity at the Muscat International Airport.

Vodafone has deployed the latest 5G capabilities at Muscat International Airport, giving travellers state-of-the-art connectivity available only in few airports around the world. Dedicated for Vodafone customers, the ultrafast system is the first 5G indoor coverage at the airport, offering a peak rate of up to 5000Mbps – fast enough to download a HD movie in one minute or handle as many as 300 Zoom calls at once.

Using the latest technology solutions on the market from Ericsson, Radio Dot System, will ensure the future-readiness of Muscat International Airport, allowing for easy, and seamless deployment of future 5G enhancements with Vodafone. The service is currently operational in the airport’s Departures, with deployment in Arrivals planned in the coming weeks.

Vodafone in Oman is very proud to be the first operator to have a dedicated 5G in-building coverage solution in Muscat International Airport. We always strive to bring innovation into the Oman and provide an enhanced experience for our customers, and this deployment is a true testament of that. I would like to thank our partners, Ericsson and Oman Broadband, who have worked tirelessly in recent months to deliver this deployment as well as  Muscat International Airport for all their support.

Stelios Savvides, Technology Director (CTIO), Vodafone

Since its launch less than a year ago, Vodafone has focused its efforts on creating value for its customers, partners and the wider community. Bringing a new-generation of telecom services, it has been able to fast-track the digital experience in Oman leading with many firsts, from the first fully-digital onboarding experience, to the first e-kiosks to the first 5G indoor coverage at Oman’s gateway.   

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