Omantel Wins Multiple Awards at International Brilliance Awards Ceremony

Omantel has announced that they have won multiple awards in Employee Engagement and Internal Communications at the International Brilliance Awards Ceremony.

Omantel – the leading provider of integrated telecommunications and technology services in the Sultanate of Oman – won two awards in Employee Engagement and in Internal Communications at the International Brilliance Awards Ceremony organized by “BOC” institution in the British capital “London”.

This achievement comes as a culmination of the strategic initiatives implemented in both fields of employee engagement and internal communication programs, which was initiated in Omantel several years back, during which the company launched a number of events and programs that had a huge positive impact on enhancing employees’ outreach, Omantel’s leadership in the human resources sector, especially with regard to caring for competencies and creating an attractive work environment that stimulates innovation and creativity.

We are proud to win those two awards, which are the result of the company’s clear vision and effective strategy towards human resources, in addition to the efforts and initiatives it launched during the past period, as Omantel worked to build a work culture based on strengthening the relationship between its employees and strengthening bonds among them by involving employees in the company’s business , in addition to integrating them into joint programs and activities that contribute to improving performance and raising employee productivity.

Omantel was one of the first entities in the Sultanate of Oman to establish a department concerned with enhancing job engagement in 2013. Before that, it also established a human resources care center to be a one-stop shop for employees’ service dealing with all enquiries and requests related to human resources in the company in addition to launching the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy within the company’s vision aiming at providing an ideal and modern environment for its employees as it included the implementation of a set of projects and programs that ensure equality between employees and promote diversity and inclusivity.

Dr. Ghalib bin Saif Al-Hosni, Chief Human Resources Officer at Omantel

It is worth mentioning that Omantel has made outstanding achievements in the field of human resources throughout the years. In 2021, the percentage of women in senior executive management increased by 20.6% in comparison to 2018, in addition to the on-the-job training of young people in the Generation Z Program witnessed an increase in the number of its affiliates this year by 69% compared to 2020, the number of young people in the executive management also grew by 63% compared to 2020.

By the end of 2021, the percentage of young people out of the total employees in the company increased by 9.2%, and this comes as a result of the efforts and initiatives of the company that focused on the importance of empowering fresh and coming employees and enhancing their participation in the development process. The company also launched another program for young people entitled “Build the Leaders” which was extended for two years as it targets young employees with high capacities to prepare them for the leadership roles in addition to other programs for employees.

With regard to enhancing the communication, the Internal Communication Department worked during the past period – especially during the period of the Covid pandemic – to ensure effective communication with employees, deliver key messages and enhance awareness of the new work culture when employees were working from their homes, as the department deployed various electronic channels of communication with employees, the internal Instagram page was able to reach the employees and achieve a participation rate of 96%, which contributed to enhancing cooperation with all units, building ambassadors for the company, and keeping employees updated with all initiatives of Omantel and its new services.

The company also implemented the “Nass Omantel” initiative, in appreciation of the company’s employees and highlighting their achievements on the personal and professional levels. The initiative aimed to enhance employees’ position in all departments and units of the company and spread their inspiring stories and passions inside and outside the company.

The Internal Communication Department used digital signage in the main building of the company and its outlets throughout the Sultanate of Oman to be a visual internal communication platform to share information and keep employees informed of everything new.

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