Jacob’s Ladder Africa Announces the Winners of Technology for Climate Hackathon

Jacob’s Ladder Africa and the Moringa School have announced the list of winners of the Technology for Climate Hackathon.

Jacob’s Ladder Africa in partnership with the Moringa School has announced the list of winners of the Technology for Climate Hackathon wherein young people were challenged to make innovative tech-based solutions for climate change in the country.

The brilliant ideas presented by the different teams that took part in the hackathon underscores our belief that African youth can be the engine for innovation on the continent. They have the potential to bring forth fresh, new solutions that are contextualised to Africa and we feel compelled to spur them on and help provide the tools they require.

Bilha Ndirangu, Co-founder, Jacob’s Ladder Africa

Our collaboration with Jacob’s Ladder Africa exemplifies a good meeting of minds in using technology to encourage innovation towards developing solutions for climate change. The need for tech talent stands out and Moringa School continues to produce more and more skilled graduates. Some great ideas have emerged from the hackathon including creating a platform for urban farming, organic waste management and more. 

Snehar Shah, Chief Executive Officer, Moringa School

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