Copia Global Announces a fintech Partnership with Cellulant

Copia Global has announced a partnership with Cellulant to enable payments for their diaspora and urban customers.

Copia Global, the only B2C e-commerce platform providing e-commerce solutions for the rapidly growing 800 million middle to low-income African consumers, has announced a partnership with Cellulant, a Pan-African Payment technology company to simplify payments for its diaspora and urban customers.

This partnership enables Copia’s diaspora and urban customers to conveniently initiate transactions and purchases for their loved ones in rural areas in Kenya using the Cellulant network.

This provides greater choice, affordability, and convenience for both urban and rural shoppers when shopping for everyday items.

We are deeply committed to simplifying e-commerce in Africa and are excited to collaborate with Cellulant in expanding Copia’s market reach.

This will enable us to provide diaspora and urban customers with alternative and convenient payment options when they shop on Copia’s platform for friends and family across Kenya and Uganda.

Tim Steel, Chief Executive Officer, Copia Global

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