KCC to Rollout a Digital Workplace App with Vodacom and Standard Bank

Kamoto Copper Company has announced that they are going to be rolling out the Umoja App – a digital workplace tool with Vodacom Business and Standard Bank.

Kamoto Copper Company (KCC), one of the world’s leading producers of copper and cobalt based in the Lualaba province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, has pioneered the development of an innovative employee engagement application to strengthen communications between the business and its full-time employees.

Through a partnership with Vodacom Business and Standard Bank, KCC is rolling out the Umoja App – a digital workplace tool designed to address structural communication challenges prevalent not only in the business, but in the broader community.

Internet access remains a significant challenge in the DRC, with the World Bank estimating the internet penetration rate at around 17%. This lack of access has real-world implications for employees, who often cannot access critical information in real-time.

Our frontline full-time employees are the bedrock of our operation and play a critical role in the success of our business. However, it has to date been challenging to provide them with access to digital workplace solutions. Through this partnership, all KCC employees will now receive smartphones with data bundles through which they can access the Umoja app. This will better connect them to the rest of the business and fosters a culture of inclusivity, engagement, and collaboration across our operations.

Ndomba Tshiendela, Acting Commercial Director, KCC

The app will be made available to full-time employees as a digital portal for employee health and safety guides, Human Resources self-servicing, employee feedback, online training, medical checks, and security updates – among others.

The app leverages the administrative capabilities of Standard Bank’s OneHub platform, which consolidates into a single, easily accessible location the entire suite of digital solutions offered by the bank.

As a bank committed to Africa and her people, this partnership supports our mission of driving positive, sustainable, and truly embedded technological growth across the continent. We continue to seek meaningful collaborations that can help develop and deliver the infrastructure needed for a digitally inclusive and connected continent.

Jonathan Lamb, Head: Platform Business, Corporate and Investment Banking, Standard Bank Group

The core capability for the app was developed and is managed by Wyzetalk, leaders in digital employee engagement for frontline workers. Vodacom Business facilitated the partnership with Wyzetalk, Standard Bank and KCC and the customisation of this solution to become the Umoja app.

Vodacom Business also developed the employee engagement solution for the app and provided smartphones as well as mobile data from which the app will run. The app offers new opportunities for two-way communication in real-time. To minimise the energy needed to charge the smartphones, solar charging devices are being provided to KCC’s full-time employees.

Vodacom has committed to improving the lives of the next 100 million customers. One way we’re doing this is through solutions like Umoja, which not only connects frontline employees to the internet, but also connects them to the larger business and critical information needed to do their jobs. Connectivity opens the door to new opportunities, transforming lives and enabling a better future.

William Mzimba, Chief Officer, Vodacom Business

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