NCA and Somali Telcos Sign an Interconnection Agreement

The National Communications Authority of Somalia and Somali telcos have announced that they have signed an interconnection agreement.

The National Communications Authority (NCA) and the Somali telecommunication companies signed an interconnection agreement today, allowing customers of the various telecom operators in the country to call each other seamlessly across different networks.

The agreement, which was signed by NCA General Manager, Mustafa Yasin Sheikh and network operators’ representatives, was also witnessed by the Minister of Communications and Technology (MOCT), His Excellency, Jama Hassan Khalif, State Minister, and Deputy Minister of MOCT. The agreement was also consulted with the Office of Attorney General, Federal Republic of Somalia.

The agreement was a result of a series of discussions and consultations between the relevant parties that worked out all the fundamental issues necessary for the signing of the deal, including the Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) issue. The interconnection agreement will go into force on January 10, 2023, and the interconnection process will be completed by February 2023.

According to Mustafa Yasin Sheikh, General Manager of the National Communications Authority, the interconnection issue was one of the most important aspects of the National Communications Law, and the authority has completed all the necessary regulations and technical guidelines in order to assist the operators to implement the interconnection in a fair manner, while protecting the consumer interests. This final agreement came after a series of discussions and negotiations organized by the authority.

General Manager, Mustafa, further said that the deal would lead to improvement of the communication services provided by the operators to consumers and development of Somalia’s Communication infrastructure.

In addition to the interconnection agreement being a requirement and a right for the customer, it is also an important benchmark for the growth of the telecommunications market and the investment in technology and innovation, and I hope that this agreement will put an end to discussions that have lasted since the inception of telecom companies in the country.

Mustafa Yasin Sheikh, General Manager, National Communications Authority

According to the Minister of Communications and Technology, H.E. Jama Hassan Khalif, the deal breaks the walls between the mobile operators in Somalia, a restriction that has long impeded the Somali citizen’s ability to communicate more efficiently.

The government stands for protecting the rights of citizens, whether they are customers or owners of mobile operators,” said the minister. “The work completed today by the Ministry is a living example of the government’s commitment to improving telecommunication and creating an enabling environment for the telecoms to operate in a legal atmosphere where they can all flourish.

H.E. Jama Hassan Khalif, Minister of Communications and Technology

The telecom operators’ representatives who signed the agreement praised the results of the lengthy discussions over the issue and the agreement which is an important requirement by the National Communications Law, the consumer’s needs, and the international standards for interconnecting mobile operators, which will now be implemented in a short amount of time.

The interconnection deal is another important milestone that will help Somalia’s rising position in the telecommunication sector in the African continent and throughout the globe, as well to pave the way for new opportunities for mobile operators while also improving people’s lives and communication.

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