Omantel Partners with ETCO to Provide Satellite Image Data Analysis for Aman Sat

Omantel has announced a partnership with ETCO in an effort to help provide satellite image data analysis for Cube Satellite (Aman Sat).

Omantel, the leading provider of integrated communications and technology solutions in the Sultanate of Oman, announced the signing of a partnership agreement with the international emerging technology company “ETCO” aimed at providing satellite image data analysis services for the Cube Satellite (Aman Sat). The agreement was signed by Dr. Ghalib bin Saif Al Hosni, Chief People Officer at Omantel, and Eng. Abdul Aziz Jaafar, the Chief Executive Officer of ETCO.

Based on the terms of the agreement, which was signed at the Cornwall Spaceport in UK, Omantel will contribute to this project with its technical expertise in information technology and digitalization as a technology partner to Aman Mission.

This strategic partnership with ETCO will enable Omantel to expand its digital services and support pioneering investments in the satellite image data sector, especially as Omantel owns artificial intelligence solutions, Internet of Things and its relevant technologies. Thus, satellite image analysis services come to complement these solutions and will provide a qualitative addition to the digital services we provide, especially those related to the space field, which allows data analysis and supports scientific research projects in space sciences and much more. We, at Omantel, always support national institutions and vital projects for the benefit of the national economy and society.

Eng. Aladdin Baitfadhil, Chief Commercial Officer, Omantel

We are pleased to sign this agreement with Omantel to complete its technical partnership in Aman mission and to expand our commercial operations in the space sector so as to provide satellite image data to customers in the Sultanate of Oman and the region. Therefore, we seek from this partnership to transfer knowledge, technologies and involve national competencies by engaging in space-related industries and technologies. It is worthy stating that we have started our projects in the space sector with a number of global partners, and today we are proud of this national partnership with Omantel as it is a cornerstone for achieving the national goals of the Sultanate of Oman to create an interactive digital economy with the latest developments in the advanced technology sector.

Eng. Abdul Aziz Jaafar, the Chief Executive Officer, ETCO

“Aman Sat” satellite – which is owned by the Omani company “ETCO” – will be launched by the American company “Virgin Orbit” from Cornwall Spaceport in the United Kingdom, and it will provide several services including environmental monitoring images of coasts and nature reserves, images of weather readings, tracking climatic phenomena, marine and port monitoring images, urban and structural planning maps, oil and gas infrastructure management, vegetation cover images, water resources monitoring images, and insurance services images.

Accordingly, the importance of operating this satellite lies in the fact that it is the first national satellite in the category of cubic satellites dedicated to capturing space images through ground stations to meet the needs in the Sultanate of Oman and the region in the space sector, along with the focus on strengthening local capabilities in analyzing satellite image data and supporting national competencies in the local engineering and scientific sectors in the relevant sectors and continue transferring the latest knowledge to them, in addition to reducing the costs for the sectors benefiting from the satellite image analysis services, where these images can be used for environmental inspection and increase agricultural efficiency, maps of all kinds, infrastructure management, oil, gas, mining , and renewable energy services.

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