stc Group Showcases its Digital Solutions in Fintech at ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia’

stc has announced the launch of its latest digital solutions in financial technologies at the ‘Seamless Saudi Arabia’ conference.

stc Group showcased the latest digital solutions for financial technologies in its participation in the “Seamless Saudi Arabia” conference, which was held in Riyadh under the slogan of the future of payments in the Kingdom, as it participated as a digital enabler for the financial sector, in the presence of more than 250 local and international companies, and more than 75 emerging technology companies.

The accompanying exhibition included the latest innovations and solutions in the field of payments, financial technology (fintech), retail and e-commerce, as stc displayed a number of digital and technical solutions in the field of digital payment and POS points of sale.   

On the sidelines of the conference, stc signed a memorandum of understanding with Banque Saudi Fransi and two agreements with NearPay and ITS, as the memorandum of understanding with Banque Saudi Fransi aims to enhance cooperation in providing traditional and digital POS solutions that enable payment services using POS devices and smart devices. Through SoftPoS.

The agreement signed by stc with ITS aims at a comprehensive and innovative package of managed services, which includes point-of-sale devices with a dedicated SIM card and a payment gateway with the necessary support for after-sales services, in addition to added services such as dashboards and platforms to expand the quality of this service.

While stc’s second agreement with Nearpay aims to provide flexible and innovative payment options without the need for a standalone payment device through the application of smart devices or including them in applications using the SDK.

These agreements support stc’s position as one of the providers of digital payment services in line with the objectives of the financial sector development program to move towards a cashless society by promoting the use of digital payment solutions through creating and developing innovative payment solutions to facilitate financial transactions for individuals and institutions from various sectors, which confirms the pioneering role stc is empowering the different sectors digitally, and contributing to the improvement of technical services to provide the latest solutions in the various sectors.

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