Angola Cables Establish Telcables to Help Deploy Advanced ICT Solutions in Nigeria and West Africa

Angola Cables has announced that they have established Telcables in an effort to deploy localised ICT solutions in Nigeria and West Africa.

The Telcables entity has been established to provide connectivity and digital solutions in Nigeria and West Africa. The Telcables team will work with local network service providers, metro networks and operators to develop and deploy localised ICT solutions powered by the Angola Cables’ global network.

Rui Faria, Commercial Director for Angola Cables said that the establishment of the Telcables entity is an important step in promoting agreements with metro and other network and data center providers in Nigeria to offer localised solutions that have access to, and are supported by, a robust and reliable global network. As Africa’s most connected network provider in Africa, the company can offer enterprises in the region the capability to exchange traffic with more than twenty of the largest IXPs around the world and offer scalable connectivity and IP transit to the major hubs of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt as well as several international traffic routing options to South America and the USA and also low latency IP Transit to destinations such as Lisbon and London.

Faria said that through the Telcables brand, customers in Nigeria and West Africa will be able to select their preferred international connectivity options through dedicated or multiple links – as their business or enterprise may require. Using solutions such as IP-Exchange, TelCables can offer content carriers, financial and research institutions and private company networks, connectivity through a single connection. Dedicated interchange connections to data center infrastructure and services provided by companies such as Equinix, Interxion, Teraco, Ascenty, Digital Realty are also available through the Angola Cables backbone infrastructure.

For a number of years now internet connections in Nigeria have experienced challenging conditions.

Nigerian companies will be in a position to connect to the ultra-low latency subsea cables of both WACS and SACS which provides express Western connections to New York, Miami and Sao Paulo as well as secure high-capacity traffic options from Lagos to Lisbon and London. Latencies between Lagos and Fortaleza in Brazil have been reduced to -114ms, while data sent via Lagos to London is -97ms. At these low latencies, large amounts of data can be shared rapidly between countries and continents.

Rui Faria, Commercial Director, Angola Cables

The existing subsea cables and network infrastructure of Angola Cables along with the partnerships that the company has with other major role-players on the African continent such as Orange and Liquid Intelligent Technologies offers an expansive international carrier network that could facilitate better connectivity options within Nigeria and across other countries of West Africa.

Faria maintains that through greater collocation and infrastructure sharing agreements, network connectivity could be significantly improved. “We would encourage network operators and service providers to cooperate in identifying opportunities to share infrastructure and resources to expand digital reach within the country.”

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