OneWeb and Azyan Telecom to Help Accelerate Connectivity in the Sultanate of Oman and the Middle East

OneWeb and its joint venture entity formed with Tonomus announce the signing of a distribution partnership agreement with Azyan Telecom – a leading satellite service provider in the Sultanate of Oman and the Middle East.

OneWeb and the joint venture entity formed between OneWeb and Tonomus announced the signing of a distribution partnership agreement with Azyan Telecom – one of the top satellite service providers in the Sultanate of Oman and the Middle East.

The partnership will enhance the capabilities of the existing and future national telecom networks in the Sultanate of Oman through OneWeb’s space-based communication capabilities of high-speed, low-latency communications across the Sultanate.  

This will in turn, contribute to ensuring access for companies and communities to high-speed communications that are compatible with advanced terrestrial systems and networks. This coverage would also be extended to encompass remote and rural areas in Oman by providing diverse and multiple digital communication sources to those areas.   

The strategic geographic position of the Sultanate of Oman and the diversity of its international terrestrial and submarine infrastructures is a potential location to deploy a OneWeb network platform (POP) in the Sultanate, in order to provide OneWeb services to the region at large.

Azyan Telecom will use OneWeb’s global connectivity network to expand its existing connectivity in Oman and provide high-bandwidth, low latency connectivity to the entire country. To date, the delivery of high-speed connections has been challenging in parts of Oman due to the terrain and frequent hurricanes. 

Services are set to start in the second half of 2023 and will focus on delivering widespread connection to some of the more remote and challenging parts of the country. This will bring a range of benefits, including support of the government efforts and initiatives carried by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Oman offering wide range of affordable connectivity that enables various applications and added value services.

We are excited to be cooperating with Azyan Telecom to deliver widespread connectivity across the Sultanate of Oman and support government efforts to provide reliable connectivity for the Sultanate. Our partnership will help to bring affordable connectivity to the widest possible audience in the region, particularly given the challenging conditions that have left many without high-speed connection. This is another great milestone towards enabling connectivity through OneWeb LEO satellite technologies enabled by the OneWeb Tonomus JV in the region.  We convey our sincere appreciation to the Omani Telecommunication Regulatory Authority for all their support.

Laith Hamad, Chief Executive Officer, OneWeb NEOM JV

Today is a very special day for Azyan Telecom, with the signing of this partnership agreement with OneWeb, we believe that we will be able to enhance our services to different sectors in Oman through high speed satellite connectivity.  What that means is that more people will be able to access the internet as well as many other digital services in a better, more convenient, more accessible manner wherever they may be.  What is even more exciting is that this joint partnership follows and is in alignment with Oman’s Digital Transformations Strategy.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority for their continued support, and guidance as we believe that it is only with their help that we are able to see this agreement between Azyan Telecom and OneWeb come to light.

Ahmed Saber, Chief Operation Officer, Azyan Telecom

We are elated for the opportunity to sign this partnership, as our hope for the future is the ability to deliver high-speed communication through satellite services, it is hoped that through this we will be able to meet the many requirements of various sectors in line with Oman’s digital transformation strategy.

Talal Bin Salim Al Hosni, Chief Technology Officer, Azyan Telecommunications

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