Datacentrix Explains the Importance of ECM and BPM for Businesses During the COVID period

The hybrid IT systems integrator and managed services provider, Datacentrix has released a piece on how established technologies like ECM and BPM have played a significant role in helping businesses with the accelerated need for better digital collaboration and worker efficiency during the COVID period.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought an accelerated requirement for remote working and hybrid workspaces to the fore, and with this came the associated need not only for instant digital access to data, but also for more effective and efficient collaboration. Interestingly, the urgent need for improved digital collaboration and better process automation has elevated the use of tools that had already been used for some time.

This is according to Shakeel Jhazbhay, General Manager: Digital Business Solutions at hybrid IT systems integrator and managed services provider, Datacentrix. He explains: “Many organizations have kicked off a digital transformation journey at some level, with a view towards enhancing customer satisfaction and productivity, and achieving business objectives, and most have done for some time now.

What might not have been predicted is this: the tools which proved to be most helpful for worker efficiency and productivity within the digital workplace over the past three years, were the ones that have already been around for a length of time. This includes enterprise content management (ECM) and business process management (BPM), which we have seen playing an increasingly critical role as requirements for a digital workplace suddenly ramped up.

Shakeel J., General Manager: Digital Business Solutions, Datacentrix

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