MTN Uganda Adds aYo Insurance Products to its Loyalty Program

MTN Uganda has announced that they have added the aYo Insurance Products to its Senkyu loyalty program in a move lauded by IRA and IBAU.

MTN Uganda customers can now use their MTN Senkyu loyalty points to get insurance from aYo, in the form of life or hospital cover. 

aYo provides fast, convenient, easy-to-use hospital and life cover directly to a user’s mobile phone, and over the last 5 years has enrolled 16 million customers across the African markets that it is active in. 

Through the new addition to the already successful Senkyu loyalty program, MTN is enabling even more customers to access insurance for the first time.

By subscribing to aYo insurance, using MTN Senkyu, customers will have peace of mind that in the event of an accident, aYo will help them take care of their hospital bills and in the event of your passing away, aYo will help support their family financially. 

While announcing the new development, Susan Kayemba, the MTN Uganda Senior Manager, Digital Services, said that this innovation underscores MTN’s commitment to providing its customers with the benefits of a modern connected life.

To access this service, customers can simply *141# and select aYo to subscribe to this option. Once a customer signs up for aYo through Senkyu, 75 points will be deducted from their wallet every month for 6 months. During this time, they will be provided with cover equivalent to UGX 90,000 worth of aYo MyLife Cover – & UGX 120,000 worth of aYo MyHospital Cover that caters for accidents. 

Allan Lwanga, the CEO of aYo Uganda, said insurance cover is a powerful driver of financial inclusion, as it provides a social safety net that helps ordinary Ugandans recover from unexpected crises.

We’ve always believed that insurance should be accessible to everyone in Uganda and easy to use. By allowing users to buy aYo cover using Senkyu, we’ll be able to reach even more people at a time when growing numbers of Ugandan consumers are purchasing health cover to protect themselves and their families in the event of hospitalization or loss of life.

Allan Lwanga, CEO, aYo Uganda

While addressing the press at the event, Solomon Rubondo, an ex-official of the Insurance Brokers Association of Uganda noted that aYo and MTN had demystified the concept of insurance.

I congratulate MTN and aYo for addressing the intangibility of insurance, thereby making it more accessible to more people who were previously excluded. Let’s see more of these innovations in insurance. Let us continue domesticating insurance.

Solomon Rubondo, an ex-official, Insurance Brokers Association of Uganda

Bernard Obera, Director of Supervision at the Insurance Regulatory Authority lauded the move by MTN and aYo. He urged insurers to embrace innovations to extend insurance services to more people.

How aYo Senkyu works:

Under the aYo section on the MTN Senkyu menu, customers can do the following:

  • Activate and redeem points for aYo cover
  • Cancel subscription  
  • View the expiry date of their aYo cover
  • Add, view or remove beneficiaries

Eligible customers can claim their insurance cover by dialing aYo 296# USSD, and upon verification their pay-out is paid into their MTN MoMo account.

Customers earn points for using MTN and MTN MoMo. Customers also receive bonus points on their birthday and on the anniversary of when they joined MTN. The points earned can be used to get aYo insurance, Minutes, MBs, SMS or to pay for goods and services with MTN MoMoPay. Points expire if the customer doesn’t do any redemption within 90 days. To register and use MTN Senkyu a customer dials *141# or uses the MyMTN App

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