Lonestar MTN and CSquared Trained Students, Admins, and IT Instructors in Liberia

Lonestar MTN has announced a partnership with CSquared to help train students, school admins and IT instructors in Liberia.

Lonestar Cell MTN has announced that they partnered with CSquared and trained 733 students, School admins, and IT instructors in basic IT skills following a donation of a fully equipped computer laboratory to G. W. Gibson High School in Liberia.

What we have done is given you the tools for learning how to take care of a computer, Microsoft Word, Excel, and how to browse the internet to conduct research and energize instruction.

We believe everyone deserves the benefits of a modern and connected life,” she opined. Learning computer fundamentals is crucial for building new skills and preparing for a successful future.

We all volunteered our time because we want to meaningfully impact lives.

Lonestar Cell MTN Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Lisa R. White

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