Leading Remote Control Manufacturer, t4h. Honored for Design Excellence 

S. João da Madeira, 29. June 2022 – t4h. (Tech4home), a leading remote control design specialist and manufacturer, has extended its winning run. The company has bagged three more prestigious awards for its efforts in developing innovative remote control solutions for pay-TV operators. This is the sixth consecutive Red Dot Award t4h. has won.

These awards are testament to t4h.’s continued commitment to developing the most innovative, up-to-date, and end-user-centered solutions — a commitment pay-TV operators admire the company for.

The honors also attest to t4h.’s dedication to the Green22 Initiative, a program that seeks to promote the adoption of new generation materials and a sustainability-focused approach to all development and manufacturing processes.

Here is an overview of the awards:

  • Red Dot Award 2022
  • t4h. won this award with its state-of-the-art DRAVA and AKAN RCUs.
  • Drava is a high-end smart remote control with a seamless silhouette and OLED screen, blending luxury and technological innovation in one state-of-the-art unit.
  • The Drava is specially designed to deliver ultra-fast responses and power sustainability while giving users utmost control of their home entertainment devices (set-top boxes, soundbars, etc.). 
  • AKAN is the latest addition to the Android TV lineup, of course fully compliant with Google’s Android TV guidelines. The two RCUs in the series combine contrasting features with an integrated Google Assistant (voice control) functionality to enliven the device navigation experience.
  • The pebble-shaped design of the buttons is inspired by Japanese culture and contributes to a pleasant haptic experience for the users.

  • Muse Design Award 2022
  • t4h. won this award with its LIMA RCU.
  • The remote control was designed and developed for the Portuguese pay-TV operator NOS set-top-boxes with a goal to properly reflect the brand values of simplicity, sophistication, and eco-friendliness.
  • LIMA is a high-tech, 100% eco-friendly with Voice Search Feature and Streaming Services shortcuts, demonstrating how new generation technologies can blend perfectly with green innovation.
  • With the intuitive and modern design and eco-friendliness, LIMA is a remote control that can fit perfectly in the home décor of any end-user.

  • Silver Muse Design Award
  • t4h. won this award with its Notus RCU Custom Covers.
  • Notus RCU Custom Covers are designed to spice up the aesthetic of any home entertainment setup with next-level customization — and they have a special focus on the end-user. 
  • With this RCU, the pay-TV Operators can enable their users to enjoy the custom covers without sacrificing the excellence or originality of the remote.

“The design team has done a marvelous job. Their efforts reaffirm our commitment as a company to follow the path of innovation, sustainability, and excellence. Their modern, client-oriented designs take the hassle out of home entertainment. We really appreciate their hard work.”

Graça Candido, Commercial Director, t4h.

About the products that won the awards


DRAVA is a high-end RCU that provides seamless control of home entertainment devices (set-top boxes, soundbars, etc.). It comes with geometric, but elegant aluminium body and an inventive OLED screen. Its sophisticated key layout also adds an extra layer of user-friendliness. 

With DRAVA, users can send multiple commands with just one touch, but also allows them to use voice technology. It is a joyful affair from start to finish.

“With its aluminium body and the refined haptic details, the Drava remote control positions itself convincingly in the premium segment. The reduced, very straightforward button layout is an elegant solution.”

Jury, Red Dot Awards

AKAN – Compact Size, fully compliant Android TV Remote

AKAN is a smart remote control with a sleek, simple and subtle design and seamless shape. It is designed to blend unique shapes with the latest technologies in the RCU industry, guaranteeing an excellent user experience. 

Part of the Android TV product line up of t4h., the two remotes in the series are 100% compatible with Google, and come with inbuilt Google Assistant features, giving end-users the utmost control.

Precision meets serenity here — and the result is a super-smooth experience. With the tactility of the remote in mind, the prime functions like “D-Pad”, “Home” and “Voice” are highlighted using a strong color contrast and a unique volcano shape.

This remote control appeals to the user on an emotional level through its pleasant tactility and harmoniously balanced shapes. In this way, it contributes to a relaxed TV-watching experience.

Jury, Red Dot Awards

LIMA – 100% Eco-friendly RCU

LIMA is custom-made for Portuguese pay-TV Operator “NOS” set-top boxes, in line with their renewed sustainability policy while keeping the premium aesthetics that NOS’ end users expect from their devices. LIMA has a strong sustainability message to the tech industry, demonstrating that tech advancements can be responsible and sustainable without compromising on innovation. 

This RCU prides itself on being 100% eco-friendly – it features a 100% post-consumer recycled ABS plastic casing, 44% of which is made of recycled content. The packaging also avoids single-use plastics and instead is made entirely of paper. The usability and the perceived value of the LIMA are being supported by the glossy and premium metallic details used in the design.

NOTUS Custom Covers – Modern, Customizable RCU

NOTUS Custom Covers is an intuitively designed, fully customizable RCU. It combines colorful plastics with ergonomic textures into a unit that optimizes home entertainment and offers users a patented smart swap system for customizable RCU cover options. T4h. uses innovative prtinting technique which results in a distinctive feel and look of the remote. 

It also uses high-grade sensors to streamline power consumption. 

With additional features in built-in back-lit keys, light and motion sensors, and Google Assistant capabilities, NOTUS has it all, allowing pay-TV Operators to respond to the “tailored to you” demand.

t4h. is super excited to share the news of the successes of its RCUs and looks forward to an even brighter future.

“These awards are a big honor and we truly appreciate them. At t4h., innovation and creativity are our hallmark. We will continue to build products that users love and cherish.”

Ton den Ouden, CTO, t4h.

About the Awards

Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award is an international design competition committed to honoring the brands behind the world’s most innovative product designs

Muse Design Award
The Muse Design Award is an awards festival held under the auspices of the International Awards Associate (IAA). It is a prestigious awards program created to promote tech innovation by rewarding brands whose designs shift paradigms and redefine boundaries.

About t4h. (Tech4home)

t4h. (Tech4home) is a key player in remote control devices and technologies that designs, develops and delivers intuitive and innovative integrated wireless remote control solutions, with cutting-edge design and a state-of-the-art user experience. With more than 20 years’ experience in the remote control business, t4h. leads the industry in providing products and solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of worldwide IPTV, cable, and satellite pay-TV providers. RF technologies, such as BLE, BT, RF4CE, Wi-Fi, and IR, voice search, audio, motion, TV operation are among the many features t4h. can integrate in their customisable remote control solutions.

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