ZainTech and Tunstall Healthcare Come Together to Offer RPM as a Service to Healthcare Providers

ZainTech has announced that they have come into a partnership with Tunstall Healthcare in an effort to offer Remote Patient Monitoring services.

ZainTech, the digital and ICT powerhouse of Zain Group, has entered into a partnership agreement with Tunstall Healthcare, an international health and care technology company , to offer remote patient monitoring (RPM) as a service to healthcare providers (HCPs) across the Middle East and North Africa region. The service will assist healthcare providers to offer an enhanced experience by effectively monitoring patients’ chronic diseases in and out of hospital premises.

Telemedicine and the use of digital and technological innovations in the medical sphere is an expanding area of ​​operation. The ZainTech remote patient monitoring technology solution will manage a wide range of scenarios from diabetes and hypertension, to oncology, weight management and prenatal and postpartum support.

RPM enables a number of positive outcomes for both clinicians and patients including the easy prioritization of care, the close monitoring of patients with a reduction in the need for face-to-face meetings, and early intervention to prevent deterioration and the need for more complex care.               

This niche offering is based on an advanced platform capable of monitoring a wide range of diseases through multiple remote sensors. ZainTech’s RPM solution is highly geared towards the management of specific chronic diseases by healthcare providers, empowering patients to assume greater control over their health conditions using Tunstall’s software.

Our competitive edge lies in the fully managed and bespoke nature of our remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution powered by customizable patient programs with end-to-end delivery, support, and maintenance. We are excited to be developing transformative solutions for the healthcare vertical in partnership with Tunstall, leveraging the best of ZainTech’s capabilities and resources. This agreement builds on our mission to utilize cutting-edge technology to help solve complex industry challenges and the operation of medical service entities while at the same time, improving lives of people.

Andrew Hanna, CEO, ZainTech

We are pleased to have found a strong partner in ZainTech group to expand new innovative health propositions further in a highly dynamic market environment. We are looking forward to combining our strengths and to supporting the further digitization of health and care. The partnership will open new market segments plus offer technology enabled care solutions and a wider range of smarter outpatient technology to hospital and care providers across the Middle East region.

Florian Lupfer-Kusenberg, CEO, Tunstall Middle East

We are proud to partner with ZainTech to provide comprehensive remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions through our leading Integrated Care Platform. The partnership with ZainTech will provide partners with the opportunity to create high-value digital health services, allowing them to improve clinical outcomes, enhancing quality of life and enabling independent living.                                                       

Ray Sweidan, Vice-President Digital Health, Tunstall Healthcare

Distinguishing features of ZainTech’s remote patient monitoring service include instant availability of patient information and latest readings; instant chat allowing patients and providers to participate in online text conversations; video conferencing that allows patients and providers (or just providers) to hold face-to-face meetings; As well as the logging of all online activities within the system to ensure accountability of actions.

ZainTech already possesses vast experience in the management of cloud environments and data security, which is being brought to bear in the context of this latest partnership.

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