MTN’s CEO Reiterates Intentions to Invest More in Ghana

MTN’s CEO, Ralph Mupita has announced the company’s intentions to invest in Ghana despite the economic situation.

In a recent announcement, Ralph Mupita, MTN’s CEO disclosed its intentions to invest more in Ghana in spite of the recent economic downturns.

We want to have a sustained investment programme so that in a market like Ghana, every Ghanaian has the capacity to enjoy the benefits of a modern connected life. And we are not changing view.

So if we are true to that vision, then we must sustain the CAPEX [Capital Expenditure]; and therefore we are not going to review that commitment when it comes to investment in Ghana.

We are looking to offload about 30% and we’ve made a lot of progress on that. 30% is the target and that is the commitment as group.

We want more and more Ghanaians to enjoy and participate in the economic success of Ghanaians and the business.

Ralph Mupita, Group Chief Executive, MTN

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