Huawei Wins the Most Significant Disruptor Vendor Award

Huawei has announced that they have won the most significant disruptor vendor award at the Layer 123 World Congress 2022.

At the Layer123 World Congress 2022, Huawei won the Most Significant Disruptor Vendor Award in recognition of Huawei’s efforts in developing a revolutionary intelligent network product and advancing the digital transformation of global carrier networks.

iMaster Network AI Engine (NAIE) enables autonomous driving network (ADN), as well as exploration, research, and implementation of intelligent algorithms, application engineering, and deployment modes in an all-round way, with a focus on telecom scenarios. iMaster NAIE leverages innovative technologies, deeply integrates the characteristics of the telecom industry, and provides a diverse range of differentiated capabilities, including secondary model development, retraining, and intelligent asset management. These capabilities enable the telecom industry to overcome many challenges, including precision deterioration, difficulty in model generalization, and lack of visualized benefits. iMaster NAIE efficiently promotes intelligent applications on a large scale across carrier networks and facilitates the development of intelligent networks.

Local Secondary Model Development Guarantees the Precision of Intelligent Models at Different Sites

To overcome the challenge of model generalization, iMaster NAIE integrates intelligent algorithms and service knowledge for common telecom application scenarios to support lightweight development of intelligent models. Models can be efficiently trained based on local service information and data. A local personalized model package will be generated after model training, significantly reducing the time required for model generalization and adaptation, and speeding up the time for replicating intelligent applications.

Retraining Makes Models Smarter

iMaster NAIE performs retraining to ensure model precision and prevent model deterioration. Model precision is evaluated during inference, and a retraining request will be initiated if precision deterioration is detected. Then, iMaster NAIE performs retraining based on the collected data samples and delivers the new model, ensuring model precision.

Intelligent Asset Management Visualizes the Benefits and Improves the Explainability of Intelligent Applications

iMaster NAIE’s intelligent asset management function visualizes assets, and displays asset usage, usage results, and status in real time. If effectively manages intelligent assets and visualizes asset benefits. In addition, iMaster NAIE quantifies the contributions of data features to explain intelligent models, enabling service personnel to better understand how intelligence is used.

“Huawei iMaster NAIE features Huawei’s telecom knowledge, a wide range of intelligent algorithms, and advanced technologies, representing the highest level of technology in the industry. The Layer123 award epitomizes the endorsement from around the world for the leading technology and business value of this product, as well as the industry’s recognition of Huawei’s contribution to global intelligent networks. Huawei will continue to focus on technology development, helping carriers achieve L3, L4, and L5 ADN.”

Cheng Lei, Director of Huawei, NAIE Product Department

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