Ethio Telecom Partners with Seven National Distributors to Expand the Reach of its Products and Services

Ethio Telecom has announced that they have partnered with Seven national distributors to expand their product and service range.

Ethio telecom has 509 shops as well as 134 franchise shops operating all over the country. Yet due to the company’s strong commitment to make its products and services more accessible, thereby meeting the ever increasing demands of its customers’ satisfaction, Ethio telecom has signed a business partnership agreement with seven national distributors which will exclusively distribute telecom products and services for the customers.

Based on the signed agreement, these national distributors would exclusively engage in business areas such as telebirr services, mobile airtime top up, new SIM card sales, SIM card replacement services, handset and devices sales on behalf of Ethio telecom as main distributors as well as providing the company’s products and services for the customers by opening their own franchise shops.

Ethio telecom therefore, has signed a strategic business partnership agreement with Hidase Telecom Share Company, Ethiopian Postal Service, Nared General Trading PLC, Highlight Stationery & Manufacturing Trading, Smart Digital Technologies PLC, Teleport Technologies PLC and Alami Industrial Engineering that would enable them to exclusively distribute telecom products and services nationwide.

Previously, the roles of these distributors have been limited to distributing voucher cards, EVD and Yimulu services. However, this new partnership exclusive agreement would enable them to widely engage in a number of Ethio telecom products and services sales at national level and will assist the company’s products and services more accessible to customers.

Likewise, 13 organizations have signed agreement with Ethio telecom to exclusively distribute Ethio telecom products and services at the company’s Zonal and Regional level. In addition to this, there are other 48 enterprises which have been working with the company as distributors and this will bring the total number of Ethio telecom products and services’ distributors to 68 as a whole.

Furthermore, there are 9,448 sub-distributors and 350,102 retailers which increases the total number of organizations/institutions to be 359,618 operating jointly in the partnership ecosystem and jobs are created for over a million citizens through these business partners.

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