ARTP Sets up COPIL to Help Strengthen Mobile Network Service in Senegal

ARTP has announced that they have set up COPIL in an effort to coordinate with stakeholders to improve the quality of service in Senegal.

The telecommunications and postal regulatory authority (ARTP) has decided to set up a steering committee (COPIL) to coordinate all the efforts of stakeholders in the electronic communications sector on quality of service and coverage. mobile phone networks to strengthen its strategy of co-regulation with all players in the sector.

The objective of setting up this COPIL and to guarantee a balance between telecommunications operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), consumer associations, etc. These different players will be able to pool their efforts to better address consumer concerns in terms of coverage and quality of service.

The various missions of this committee will be to:

  • ensure the provision of a quality of service in accordance with international thresholds and standards;
  • constitute a framework for discussion between players on issues of quality of service and coverage of electronic communications networks;
  • investigate all issues that may affect coverage and quality of service;
  • ensure a balance between the interests of operators holding licenses of electronic communications networks open to the public and Internet access providers and those of consumers of electronic communications services;
  • finding solutions to coverage and quality of service issues;
  • participate in the implementation of the service quality strategy;
  • contribute to the overall monitoring and evaluation of the strategy;
  • make recommendations for improvement and formulate opinions.

The partners present welcomed the initiative and made some contributions. Indeed, this COPIL will make it possible, among other things, to address the various problems encountered by operators in terms of coverage or quality of service, to adjust investments relating to QoS in close collaboration with the ARTP and the , to guarantee continuous improvement of the service offered to users by referring to international standards.

The ARTP then presented the next stages of the COPIL’s work before Mr. Abdoul LY, Director General, reiterated his desire to set up a committee which will monitor the expectations of Senegalese consumers and to specify that the ARTP’s approach is a results-oriented approach and that he will scrupulously ensure the construction of a strong sector.  

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