Bahrain Grants SpaceX License to Operate Starlink in the Country

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Bahrain has announced that they have granted SpaceX the license to operate Starlink in the country

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced that it has granted the US company ‘SpaceX’ the license to offer ‘Starlink’ satellite and Internet services in Bahrain. The Kingdom is the first in the GCC to grant a license for this service.

Starlink is a new and innovative service that uses a network of satellites along the Earth’s orbit in low altitudes. This allows it to provide fibre-grade internet services to consumers across the world, including those in residential and commercial units, as well as ships and planes.

This service will help to maintain the Kingdom’s position, as a leading contender in the telecommunications markets, with Starlink being able to offer services to consumers in Bahrain and the wider region.

On this occasion, the General Director of TRA Bahrain, Mr. Philip Marnick affirmed that Bahrain’s position as a communications Hub, with an open and advanced competitive market, makes it an ideal place to introduce new services.

“We are pleased that Starlink chose Bahrain as the first market in the Gulf to seek licenses for its services. This will ensure that consumers and businesses in the Kingdom continue to have access to the most advanced communications capabilities and services.”

Mr. Philip Marnick, General Director, TRA Bahrain,

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