Setplex’s OTT/IPTV Solutions and Their Unwavering Commitment to Africa

Marc Mulgrum, Senior Vice President Sales of Setplex in a conversation with the Senior Editor of TechAfrica News, Chris Green, outlined their OTT/IPTV solutions and their success in Africa

Our Chief Editor Chris Green was recently in conversation with Marc Mulgrum, Senior Vice President of Sales of the OTT / IPTV platform, Setplex. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in New York, Setplex has seen continuous growth in Africa with a strong presence in Angola, Cameroon, and Ghana with a vested interest in other countries as well.

Our conversation brought out the inner mechanics of Setplex’s growing popularity on the continent and the components of Setplex’s end-to-end OTT and IPTV solutions.

Furthermore, Marc led the conversation into how Setplex determines the costs of their operations and Setplex’s understanding of the different regions in the continent and catering to the specific audiences’ needs to generate positive revenue.

One of the major highlights of our conversation with Marc was his explanation of Setplex’s commitment to giving the highest quality of customer support to their African customers.

“Your subscribers are your lifeblood, If your services are down, guess what? They are going to cancel their subscriptions. Churn is a really big part of the OTT ecosystem, the lower the churn, the more you spend on marketing to acquire new users.

Having a fundamentally strong business is key here. Setplex doesn’t have 1000s of subscribers which enables us to dedicate our time and resources to enable better services to our existing customers.”

Marc Mulgrum, Senior Vice President of Sales

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