Huawei to Roll Out 43,000kms Fiber Cable in Kenya

Huawei has partnered with the Kenyan Government in an effort to ramp up the internet connectivity in the country by rolling out 43,000 kms fiber cable.

In a recent announcement, Huawei announced that they are going to partner with the Kenyan Government in an effort to roll out 43,000 km of fiber cable in the country to help ramp up their internet connectivity.

“To enable broadband access, it will start with laying 25,000 km of fiber backbone and metro countrywide through the partnership with Kenya’s Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Authority.

Accelerating ICT infrastructure construction is critical for ensuring universal access to all.”

Steve Kamuya, Director for Enterprise Business, Huawei Kenya

“Investing in supportive infrastructure and soft skills was key to bridging the digital divide in the country. According to Mwaniki, Huawei had rolled out training programs in Kenya to boost digital literacy among local youth and ensure they were actively in efforts to spur the growth of a knowledge-based economy.”

Maureen Mwaniki, Vice Director for the Programs Management Office. Huawei Kenya

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