Ethio Telecom and Amhara Bank to Enable Modern Modular Data Center Services

Ethio Telecom have announced that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide Modern Modular Data Center Service.

In the recent past, Ethio telecom has built and launched modern modular data center service that enables the company sign the agreement with Amhara Bank today so that the bank would use this modern high capacity world standard data center for modernizing its information technology system so as to provide reliable services to its customers.

This modular data center is designed to ensure mission-critical data and equipped with extensive security and compliance system controls with 99% reliable connectivity and high electric power saving capacity. It is also a high capacity world class standard data center managed by skilled man power and has more than five direction fiber connectivity with automatic switch over functionality to ensure service reliability and can help carry out quick incident detection and maintenance activities in case of network connection failure or other related problems.

In addition, the center is equipped with the state-of-the-art power saving electrical systems, cooling systems and security cameras as well as modern network and fiber cable enclosures/accessories and compartments. Specifically, what makes building this modern modular data center unique is that its mission to enhance the services of all the company’s information technology and network infrastructure developments.

Currently, 84 customers/partners have collocated in the company’s data center, and each data center has six-degree resilient fiber connection. The data center would enable various technology products and services rendering companies to become operational in a short period of time by sharing them the data center collocation.

The data center’s major importance on customer experience includes high availability-best customer experience, flexibility to introduce new platform and service, reliability to run customers’ businesses, high level physical security as well as fast time to market to host for collocation/ cloud service for the existing and potential partners.

So far, our company has built two modular data centers and three more data centers are under construction that will soon have five data centers altogether. Moreover, big Green Data Center is under requirement preparation and it can host 1000 racks with geographical redundancy. To this effect, five sites are made already available outside Addis Ababa for geography redundancy equipped with its own disaster time emergency backup.

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