Huawei and Ethio Telecom to Expand 4G in Ethiopia

Huawei has announced that they are going to help accelerate the expansion of 4G in Ethiopia with Ethio telecom.

In a recent announcement, Huawei has announced that they have secured the business of the latest expansion of 4G services of Ethio Telecom.

“(The Move) opens a new chapter and brings an immediate impact on congested areas of telecom service”.

Frehiwot Tamiru, CEO, Ethio Telecom

“Given the reliability, high bandwidth and high-speed features of LTE Advanced services, we hope that it will enable and empower our customers to digitize their services, increase productivity and improve their experiences.

The company said its 4G plans were “among the major strategic initiatives” it is planning. “Accordingly, we will be launching similar services in other parts of the country, for which preparation works are underway.”

Statement by Ethio Telecom

“Our delivery teams worked day and night to meet the target. Regardless of all the challenges, today we are proud and rejoiced to bring you the best LTE Advanced service.”

Chen Mingliang, CEO, Huawei’s Ethiopian operation

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