Safaricom Inks a 5-Year Dark-Optic-Fiber Lease in Ethiopia

Safaricom has announced signing a 5-year lease to share dark-fiber-optic infrastructure in Ethiopia.

Safaricom has announced that they have signed a five-year lease agreement with the state-owned power utility to share dark-fiber-optic infrastructure in Ethiopia.

The lease agreement was signed between Anwar Soussa, CEO of Safaricom Ethiopia, and Mr. Ashebir Balcha, CEO of Ethiopian Electric Power enterprise (EEP).

“We are grateful for the spirit of cooperation from EEP on the win-win partnership to support our contributions to the digital transformation of Ethiopia.

Such infrastructure sharing agreements will enable us to fulfil our commitment to transform Ethiopian lives for a digital future and contribute to efforts being made to the phased operation launch.”

Anwar Soussa, CEO, Safaricom Ethiopia

“The agreement we sign to share our OPGW infrastructure will enable Ethiopian Electric Power to utilise its resources and increase its revenue, while enabling Safaricom Ethiopia to provide quality and competitive telecommunication services.”

Mr. Ashebir Balcha, CEO, Ethiopian Electric Power enterprise (EEP)

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