NEC XON and Boston IT Solutions Create an AI Service Platform

NEC XON and Boston IT Solutions have announced that they have created an AI service platform with the help of the vScaler.

NEC XON has announced that they have used the vScaler from Boston IT Solutions South Africa and created an AI service platform.

“The outcome of optimised and predictable operations and risk-based insights with event dashboards are to improve business continuity, returns on capital, customer experiences, processes, efficiencies and risk management. Providing the customer-facing as a service platform from our own data centre using vScaler technology from Boston IT Solutions, rather than public cloud infrastructures, provides numerous benefits. At scale it’s a more cost-effective architecture, the benefits of which amplify our competitive edge. We are also able to rapidly scale and adapt the platform to our own and clients’ requirements, which provides a customer experience advantage that cannot be replicated via public cloud infrastructures.”

Gregg Sanders, Digital Business lead, NEC XON

“NEC XON’s application of vScaler technology crystallises the disruptive advantages for innovative, on-prem cloud solutions enabled by the ability to provision HPC (high performance computing), on-demand clusters, big data analytics, accelerated GPU (graphics processing unit) compute, and tiered and accelerated storage platforms.”

Chris Coetzee, Business Director, Boston IT Solutions South Africa

“A major advantage we are already realising after moving our workloads onto vScaler is a consolidated infrastructure that offers us more flexibility than ever before. We can scale workloads instantly, and even burst workloads into public cloud services for POC (proof of concept) work, for example, which means our environment is leaner and more efficient.”

Gregg Sanders, Digital Business lead, NEC XON

“vScaler enables multi-tenancy for inter-company charge-back that is a crucial element for proving business unit ROI for many customers. The pay-as-you-use financial model helps customers manage IT budgets and the solution is easy to deploy and manage without burdening skilled resources.”

Conrad van Niekerk, head of Business Platforms, NEC XON

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