Zain KSA Launches 5G LAN During the MWC

Zain KSA has announced the launch of 5G local area network becoming the first operator in MENA to do so.

Pioneering breakthrough technologies, Zain KSA has announced the launch of the 5G local area network (5G LAN), becoming the first operator in the Middle East, and North Africa to adopt such advanced technology.

Championing this advanced technology, Zain KSA will provide its subscribers, mainly the business sector, with a virtual local 5G network fully reliant on the 5G Stand-Alone technology, supporting an unmatched modern, reliable, and secure experience regardless of the number of connected devices and the nature of network connections. By providing a 5G LAN experience, Zain KSA will define the requirements of its B2B subscribers through utilizing futuristic 5G use cases and applications over the mobile network. The high-end 5G LAN technology will eliminate the business’ need for costly hardware investments and relevant maintenance contracts as well as their need to build and develop an independent local network.

“Innovation is the key to generate growth; it is what enables us to keep our clients’ needs and expectations at the core of our mission. By plotting effective paths, we continue to leverage our capabilities, aspiring to achieve a digital society that enables individuals and the business sector to thrive by providing an innovative services and products platform and opening up new landscapes of abundant opportunities for growth and prosperity. With the launch of the 5G LAN, Zain KSA is making a quantum leap not only at the level of the Kingdom, but also at the regional and global levels, thereby creating a legacy as the first operator in the region to provide this service.  With this achievement, we will contribute to fortifying the Kingdom’s digital transformation journey and the objectives of Vision 2030, propelling the digital transformation forward by providing tools and services with efficiency, reliability and information security, and an unmatched digital experience.”

Eng. Abdulrahman Al-Mufadda, CTO, Zain KSA

With the 5G LAN network, Zain KSA endeavors to complete its comprehensive ecosystem of innovative digital services and products. By recently deploying the 5G Stand-Alone technology, Zain KSA is consolidating its B2B portfolio, providing Internet of Things services, robotic services, artificial intelligence services, drones and augmented reality. Zain KSA’s 5G network extends across the Kingdom with more than 5000 towers delivering reliable, high-quality connectivity with high speeds, among the fastest in the world. Zain KSA is the first telecom operator that provides the 5G Carrier Aggregation supporting the highest Internet speed ever recorded.

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