MTN Launches Educational Initiative in Partnership with Oxford University Press

MTN has announced an educational initiative with Oxford University Press, “Learn with Oxford”.

MTN has announced the launch of a new educational initiative, “Learn with Oxford” in a partnership with Oxford University Press.

“We recently launched MTN Online School in partnership with the Department of Basic Education, and now our partnership with the Learn with Oxford platform, a global-first initiative launching in South Africa, will offer Grade 10-12 a high-level digital learning content experience, with innovative and interactive features. We aim to keep students engaged, switched on and ahead of the game with this new offering.

Typically, learners have to purchase study material at once-off fees and possibly do not have enough money to buy study guides for all their required subjects. In most cases, books are passed down from friends or family which means the learner may end up with outdated content. This problem is solved with a comprehensive, up-to-date digital library.

Educational success in Grade 12 is crucial for anyone planning on gaining access to higher education and pursuing a career they love. We are acutely aware that many of SA’s children were badly affected by COVID-19, with interruptions to their schooling the only constant in their lives. Our focus on education solutions like MTN Online School and Learn with Oxford aims to help SA’s students overcome these challenges so they gain the edge they need to pursue and reach their dreams.

Our intention with services like Learn with Oxford is to harness the full benefits of the modern, connected world to ensure SA’s children are connected to their curricula and other beneficial study programmes, no matter the challenges and no matter where they may be. Our focus is on constantly improving the lives of our customers. MTN Play is a key digital destination to work, learn and play,” concludes Fonternel. 

Ernst Fonternel, Chief Digital Officer, MTN South Africa

“The pandemic has had a two-fold effect on digital learning in South Africa. On the one hand it has been an invaluable opportunity for students and teachers to continue learning and mitigating learning gaps. But this has largely been to the benefit of the higher socio-economic groups, unfairly so. This has led to an even greater digital learning divide for students with lower levels of access to digital learning. I am so excited about the launch of Learn with Oxford as our partner MTN has really come up with a truly accessible access model, making world class learning available to all students.” 

Fathima Dada, Managing Director, Oxford University Press’ Education Division

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