Zain KSA Extends a Partnership with Ericsson to Modernize its Charging Systems

Zain KSA has announced a partnership with Ericsson in an effort to upgrade and modernize its charging systems.

Zain KSA is extending its partnership with Ericsson to upgrade and modernize its Charging systems. The scope of the partnership includes upgrades across hardware, software, and services. 

Ericsson will modernize Zain KSA’s systems while upgrading Ericsson Charging, Ericsson Mediation, Ericsson Activation and Ericsson CSS (Communication Solution Server); Ericsson’s strategic platform for next-generation intelligent-network (IN) applications.

As part of the agreement, Ericsson will also introduce its modular, scalable, open, and single convergent Online Charging System (OCS) and Ericsson 5G Standalone (SA) charging into Zain’s network. This will enable Zain KSA to efficiently secure revenues and accelerate the time-to-market speed of new services including 5G.

“Working with Ericsson to upgrade and modernize our legacy Charging systems will not only help us manage and expand our network capabilities but will also help us deliver innovative services to our customers while responding to changing environment dynamics in real-time. Cellular connectivity is the foundation of digital transformation.”

Maha AlQernass, Business & Fulfilment VP, of Zain KSA

Wojciech Bajda, Vice President and Head of Gulf Council Countries at Ericsson Middle East and Africa said: “Our 5G standalone charging system will provide Zain KSA optimal levels of adaptability, speed, and efficiency to address their digital transformation challenges. As a pioneer in real-time charging technology, we look forward to assisting Zain KSA in offering innovative physical and virtual services with more flexibility, lower costs, and increased agility.”

Ericsson’s Digital Business Support Systems )BSS( enables customer-centric business operations and digital engagement while also enabling communication service providers (CSPs) to monetize on improved customer experience. Ericsson’s BSS solutions are designed to enable a low-risk evolution towards emerging digital ecosystems and are backed by analytics-driven, real-time services, and experience control.

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