Huawei and its Partners Wins Second TM Forum Award

Huawei has announced that along with its partners their Catalyst industry contribution has won their second TM forum award.

Huawei and its partners won the Catalyst industry contribution to TM Forum award last week for its contributions to customer experience (CX) standards and practices. This rapid-fire, proof-of-concept catalyst project, titled “Leveraging AI/ML to drive CX business outcomes proactively,” also won TM Forum’s Best Implementation of Innovative Technology Solutions award last year.

The project showed how communication service providers (CSPs) and partners can better use intelligence to more accurately determine customer needs and context. By identifying their largest CX gaps and which CX aspects can be leveraged to drive better business outcomes, CSPs can make more informed and strategic investments into CX, increase Return on Experience (RoX), and achieve experience-centric business operations.

The project’s main contributors all spoke proudly of the project’s success.

“It was a great honor for our team to contribute to TM Forum assets, especially in the area of ‘Customer Experience & Trust’ and ‘Autonomous Operations and Human Factors’. At HKT, we will remain alert to rapidly changing market dynamics so that we can agilely respond to evolving customer needs. Superior-experience 5G upgrade and enterprise digitalization are driving our transformation towards Autonomous Operations.”

Derek Chen, Customer Services for HKT, AVP

“Our collaboration with TM Forum has been a great pivot for our achievements in the past few years. We built the whole model on TM Forum Customer Journeys and are now using lots of TM Forum resources to expedite our work and to stay ahead of the curve. Our partnership with Huawei and TM Forum has helped us a lot to evolve and revolve Customer experience and associated RoX.”

Mohammad S. Alsalim, Assurance & CEx Strategy GM, Corporate Customer Experience, Saudi Telecom Company

“By joining TM Forum programs, we are building up future experience-driven autonomous operations through Huawei intelligence-powered solutions like HUAWEI SmartCare, while contributing to industry standards and new best practices. This will enable CSPs and vertical industries to accelerate digital operations transformation by building open and intelligent digital capabilities. Our cooperation with TM Forum, CSPs, and industry partners will continue to inspire us to develop further.”

Simon Liang, Director, Consulting & System Integration Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, Service & Software Marketing & Solution Sales Dept, Huawei

The Intelligent Experience Operations system created during this project is based on a “1+4” framework for exploration and practice. The system identifies key experience factors that affect business and prescribes recommendations for experience improvement. Under the leadership of a corporate-level customer experience management team, a CSP’s various functional departments can then align their own initiatives to improve end-to-end customer experience, closing the loop to action business intent.

Within the “1+4” framework Intelligent Experience Operations system, CSPs first create a unified customer experience strategy that is then implemented through initiatives developed under four major strategic pillars: Executive-level CX leadership, Corporate-wide CX Measures (e.g.CEI+), Customer-centric Culture and Data-driven Digital Operations Management. Together, these pillars hallow CSPs to adapt to their ever-changing market environments and effectively realize their full business potential.

This solution approach has the potential to push operators towards more customer-centric business models – impacting how all functional units collaborate to better serve their both B2C and B2B customers. This will allow them to maximize the value of data and experience, accelerate digital transformation, and enable CSPs to develop their business by leaps and bounds.

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