Ookla and TRA Come Together to Assess Mobile and Broadband Across Oman

Ookla dn Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Oman have come into a collaborative arrangement to understand mobile and broadband access in Oman.

Ookla, an internationally recognized leader in network testing and intelligence, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of the Sultanate of Oman, are engaging in a collaborative arrangement as part of TRA’s aim to leverage the latest technologies and up-to-date insights for understanding mobile and fixed broadband performance across Oman. This comes at a time when 5G rollout in the country is gaining momentum, and Ookla’s enterprise solutions and first-party data is set to empower TRA in assessing the adoption of 5G networks in the Sultanate. This collaboration should help drive network improvements in Oman, delivering significant new value to local mobile operators who build the networks and the consumers who rely on them.

“Millions of people use Speedtest to measure their internet performance every day. With our consumer-initiated methodology, powerful cross-platform testing engine and global network of high-throughput servers, Ookla is a definitive source for 5G network intelligence and measurement. Ookla works with many regulators in the GCC states and beyond to provide actionable insights into the performance of national 5G networks as they evolve. We are thrilled to assist and support the TRA as they seek to drive the development of the telecommunications sector in Oman.”

Doug Suttles, Co-founder and CEO, Ookla

Given the complexity of today’s telecoms networks, operators and regulators face significant challenges in understanding end-user network experience and in optimizing network performance. Simply identifying areas with inadequate connectivity can be a struggle. Ookla’s high-caliber network intelligence solutions will give the TRA an insightful view of network performance in Oman, and allow it to benchmark against its regional peers. This effort further aligns with the goals of the Oman 2040 vision of preparing for the impacts of technology and the digital transformation taking place in the Sultanate.

“Ookla’s unique data insights will help TRA identify weak spots and consequently guide network operators to improve their networks, in turn creating a better experience for the Omani people. We look forward to leveraging Ookla’s data to assist us in making informed decisions for advancing Oman’s ranking internationally in support of the government’s Oman 2040 vision.”

Ahmed Hassan Al Haddabi, Executive Manager Strategic Planning Unit Engr, TRA

Over the course of their engagement, both companies will work together to analyze mobile and fixed broadband performance in order to drive improvement in the network performance landscape in Oman.

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