Zain Bahrain Comes in a Partnership with Unipal

Zain Bahrain has announced that they have come in a partnership with Unipal to enable better services for its young customer base.

For the first time in the history of Bahrain telecommunications Zain has partnered with Unipal to add value to their youth members beyond gigabytes & minutes.

Students get access to 200+ exclusive offers from all around Bahrain such as Cinepolis, iMachines, Wingman, Dose etc., a Savings Tracker showing their progress, Digital Vouchers as rewards and much more. Zain shares Unipal’s view that the youth on our island deserve the best, and they’re proving it by providing their youth demographic with top tier treatment and benefits that’ll make student life much more enjoyable.

With the launch of the new Unipal app, our partnership with Zain is going to be even more beneficial to the student body. Unipal’s discounts span across different categories – the app provides offers at restaurants, cafés, beauty and fitness spots, electronic stores and many more. To make it an even smoother experience, the student card is now 100% Digital. Students don’t need to carry a physical ID, because Unipal’s Digital Student ID is with them wherever they go. All they need is their mobile phones.

Zain has long since been at the forefront of youth initiatives, and Zain youth changes the playing fields completely. Together, Unipal and Zain have bridged the gap in a way that is modern, easy and completely digital.

Since the launch of its first app in 2020, Unipal has partnered with over 200 merchants, providing countless offers and discounts to over 10,000 student users in Bahrain. The company has gone through several changes and upgrades to reach the stage it is at today, and with this partnership, the youth of our country will only experience positive changes.

Unipal was founded on the realization that the student community in Bahrain needs support. As Ali Alalawi, Managing Director of Unipal said, “This partnership shows our youth that our community is there for them, that we care.”

“Our collaboration with Unipal embodies the unique assurance Zain Bahrain provides customers enrolled in Youth Plans with the best facilities available. We constantly look forward to developing a space with multiple choices for our Youth Plan customers to connect and access platforms such as Unipal, designed especially for the student community in the Kingdom. As part of the collaboration, our existing customers will have access to the Haiba membership for free; the customers will have access to exclusive offers, discounts, digital vouchers, along other benefits. We hope our customers will enjoy the benefits provided to them.”

Ammar Al Ketbi, Director of Consumer Marketing and Sales, Zain Bahrain

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