Vodafone Qatar Joins the 2Africa Subsea Cable System

Vodafone Qatar has signed a 20-year agreement with stc to be a part of the 2Africa Subsea cable system.

In a recent announcement, Vodafone Qatar has disclosed signing a 20-year agreement with stc towards launching an international subsea cable system. Vodafone is expected to build and operate a subsea cable system that will make Qatar a part of a large multi-regional project.

“We are pleased to be part of this project that will increase the capacity, quality and availability of Internet connectivity in Qatar and contribute to the country’s digital transformation. We are currently building the new station for submarine cables, demonstrating the role we play as a strategic gateway to the world and how together we can continue to transform Qatar into a global hub, driven by our robust communications infrastructure. Through global subsea networks, Qatar is connected to the global digital economy which enables continued growth in our market via trade and investment, as well as an increase in the local and international business activity.”

Sheikh Hamad bin Abdulla Jassim Al Thani, CEO, Vodafone Qatar

Reportedly, the project with the MEA region provides connectivity to 36 percent of the global population. This extension by Vodafone Qatar will now bring the length of the 2Africa cable system to more than 45,000kms.

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