Amdocs Announces Completion of Modernization Project with Cellcom

Amdocs has announced the completion of a modernization project with the Israeli operator, Cellcom in under 10 months.

Amdocs, a leading provider of software and services to communications and media companies, has announced that it has completed a digital modernization project with Israeli telecoms operator Cellcom in less than 10 months, producing a series of tangible business benefits including an average 15 percent increase in Cellcom’s frontline customer service agents’ productivity and an 80 percent reduction in new agents’ training time according to Cellcom’s own estimates. 

The open source-based solution on which the system was developed has been designed to provide contact center and retail store agents with a simplified omnichannel experience – enabling them to ensure a fast, frictionless customer experience across all lines of business and all care and commerce aspects of the customer journey. Cellcom agents are also being equipped with the ability to manage e-commerce transactions through the new system. The solution is built on a unified, simplified and cloud-ready architecture through the adoption of a cutting-edge DevOps approach and CI/CD practice that ensured maximum responsiveness and agility during implementation.

“Our digital transformation, in which Amdocs is playing a vital role, will ensure we’re fit for the future and able to offer a world-class customer experience to both consumers and our enterprise customers. We’re pleased to be building on our long-standing strategic collaboration with Amdocs and playing a leading role in the co-development model of integrated teams. Amdocs’ leadership in digital transformation and customer experience means they continue to be our valued and trusted partner.”

Victor Malka, Chief Information Officer, Cellcom

“Cellcom’s transformation will enable them to equip their customer service teams with a future-proof, flexible solution, providing their end users with the best experience. Our partnership with Cellcom goes back nearly two decades and we’re proud and excited that we’re continuing to build on it through this project and its future phases that should bring additional business benefits to the organization.”

Ronen Levkovich, President, Amdocs Global Services

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