stc and Ericsson Come Together to Continue Providing Exceptional Services

stc and Ericsson have been providing seamless 5G services through the last year and they have come together to continue on the successful cooperation.

stc and Ericsson have joined hands to provide exceptional 5G performance throughout the 2021/2022 edition of a major entertainment festival in the Kingdom in terms of speed and data capacity along with a 100 percent coverage of the biggest zones of this major festival in the indoor and outdoor environment. The 5G network has played a major role in boosting capacity and elevating user experience with peak theoretical throughput of 2.7Gbps.  The event has drawn more than 100 million visitors within a period of more than 100 Days.

As a long-term partner, Ericsson provides network infrastructure to stc, oversees the implementation of solutions and perform required network optimization. Ericsson is also supporting stc as a managed services partner and systems integrator, administrating operation and maintenance of the deployed network and equipment.

To replicate the same success in 2022, stc and Ericsson have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at LEAP 22 to introduce advanced 5G solutions based on flexibility, expandability and operationality for the upcoming festival in 2022. The solution works as a “stack & go” i.e.; the site is preconfigured, dimensioned, scalable and movable/stationary for both indoor and outdoor coverage making it ready to be up and running within a day. The easy-to-deploy solution is capable to target a highly congested area and use micro radio sites to achieve excellent coverage and capacity. With this solution, Ericsson offers state-of-the art technology to provide stc’s subscribers with the best user experience.

“Our strategic partnership with Ericsson aims to create a pathway for the nation’s digital transformation objectives. This new partnership will help us increase the efficiency of our network, helping us offer spectacular 5G performance to enrich our customers experience and enhance their digital solutions.”   

Bader Abdullah Allhieb, Infrastructure Sector VP, stc

“Being a longstanding partner of stc, we have worked together on a range of local 5G initiatives in recent years. Through this collaboration, we hope to shine the light on what 5G has accomplished and it can inspire the adoption of the latest technologies to digitalize the booming entertainment industry throughout the Kingdom.”

Mathias Johansson, Vice President and Head of Customer Unit Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Ericsson Middle East and Africa

stc and Ericsson’s collaboration on deploying 5G helped offload the LTE network and provided additional coverage required to cater to the huge amount of traffic demand in major hotspots across the city during the festival. With extensive experience in supporting global events, Ericsson will help stc continue maintaining high levels of service through the city while also optimizing stc’s customers experience.

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