ZOL Zimbabwe Re-organizes as Liquid Home

ZOL Zimbabwe has announced an internal re-organization that is resulting in a transfer of its telecom services to Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe Online Limited (“ZOL Zimbabwe”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe (formerly Liquid Telecom Zimbabwe) will be going through an internal re-organisation exercise which will result in the transfer of all existing telecommunications services to its parent company Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe.

The re-organisation of ZOL Zimbabwe is part of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe plan to deliver top-tier offerings that cater to the customer’s ever-evolving needs.

With effect from 1 March 2022, the accounts with ZOL Zimbabwe will be transferred to Liquid Home on the same terms and conditions as the existing contract to ensure there are no disruptions to the services provided. Liquid Home is a sub-brand of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Zimbabwe.

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